September 5, 2019

Episode #13 Rex Afrasiabi - Learn As You Grow

Welcome to episode 13 of the show. In today's episode our guest is Rex Afrasiabi, director of MA Legal, the law firm which gave me my first taste of the legal industry. In today's episode I talk to Rex about his career and try to unpack the mindset that he has used to see the success that he has had in his career thus far.


I encourage you all to pay attention to what Rex has to say in terms of finding success and especially when he talks about taking on risks in the world of business. Even if you are not a business owner or do not intend to be, this advice really does apply to life if you frame it within the context of what you may be doing in your day to day life.


I hope you all enjoy and if you do, please do not forget to give the show a rating and a review, subscribe for future episodes and take a screenshot of yourself listening on your smart phone and upload it to your Instagram story and tag me out @Galloways_take and also tag out @M_A_Legal.


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