In this episode I sit down with former Mr Australia, Jiu Jitsu coach, podcaster, filmmaker and lover of life Darran Petty.

Darran is a high achiever and lives every moment as if it could be his last. We discuss Darran's journey from being homeless at a young age, to winning Mr Australia, becoming a multiple time Jiu Jitsu gold medalist, getting into filmmaking and starting his own podcast.

We also discuss Darran's incredible work ethic as he is constantly working to make sure he does not waste a moment. 

Darran has lived a lot of life and shares a lot of wisdom in this interivew so if you enjoyed this conversation please be sure to share this around and subscribe for future episodes. 

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In this episode of Running from Comfort I am joined with Joel Jammal, host of the podcast, 'Conversations on Thin Ice'.

Joel is a political activist standing up for freedom of speech and intellectual honesty. I first came across him in his interview with Riccardo Bosi and reached out to him to see if he would be interested in joining me on the show.

In today's episode we discuss the craziness going on Australia from draconian laws, the threat of China and what is next in this COVID world. In the later half of the interview we discussed our faith, the relevance of the Gospel and the importance of its message within the context of society and ultimately our eternal fate.

You can connect with Joel by following the links below.

This footage was taken from the show's first ever live stream. Be sure to follow the facebook page to make sure you do not miss any future streams as I will be doing this on a regular basis.

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In Today's episode of Running from Comfort I am joined by my good friend and brother in Christ Kale Ross.

Kale has recently given his life to Christ and has discovered (as those of us who chose Christ soon find out) all the tricks and traps that the devil tries to get us caught back into the world and away from God.

Kale and I discuss our lives and how we came to know Christ and the spiritual life that only God can give, how the devil is always trying to draw us back in and how we must be strong in our faith in order to withstand these tests, and we also discuss the importance of having God in your life for your mental health.

My only encouragement for any listeners who do not have God in their life is to seek Him whole heartedly as He is always calling us home.

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Kale Ross




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In today's episode of Running from Comfort, I am joined by my house mate, Charlotte Sharp to discuss the breaking news that Kanye West is officially running for US President in 2020. Just when you thought 2020 could not get any crazier it throws out another curve ball.
Upon finding out the news, Charlotte agreed to join me on the show as we unpack our perspective on Kanye running for president, what it says about him and what it means for the world and our future.
We also discuss some other topics such as Elon Musks involvement, the future we are heading towards with AI technology and how everything happening in the world right now is leading to a perfect storm that could result in something crazy such as Kanye West actually becoming the US president.
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Today's guest is my mother, Sandra Galloway.


I recently had the opportunity to work from home due to COVID-19, so I escaped the big city life of Melbourne and went back to my parent's house in Tasmania for 6 weeks while Australia went through lockdown.


I took this opportunity to interview the wisest women I know, my mother on my last day in Tasmania which also happened to be her 59th birthday.


My mother shared from her life experience and speaks on what she has learned. She drops some wisdom bombs from her sales tactics, her outlook on life, finding her faith in God and tells me the story about how she met my father.


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Describing himself as a human guinea pig, Jesse has dabbled into martial arts, philosophy, religion and techniques such as the Wim Hof method and cold showers in order to get out of his comfort zone and develop a strong mindset.

We go deep on this conversation as we talk about how Jesse has explored everything under the sun in order to develop a growth mindset.

We spend the second half of the discussion really diving deep into our own personal beliefs and explore the idea of having faith in Jesus which is something we both share.

We then get to talking about topical issues such as the importance of living a spiritually fulfilled life and not a material life.

This is one of those discussions that talks about all things important that you won't hear in the mainstream media or entertainment. I really enjoyed having this converation and we will definitely be getting Jesse back on some point soon to go even deeper into some of these topics.

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Welcome back to Running from Comfort Episode 21 and the first episode of season 2.

The world is going through growing pains right now and Coronavirus currently has us all locked in our rooms and uncertain about the future ahead of us. Use this time like a catepillar stuck in a cocoon and and emerge a better version of yourself and embrace the new beginning.

Today's guest is Stefan who runs a Youtube channel called Uberboyo that contains plenty of content diving into philosophy and psychology discussing the works of Nietzsche and Jung in depth. Use the link below to check out his Youtube channel.

In today's episode we discuss the craziness going on in the world, how we are processing it and discuss how society will respond to the crisis it is facing. If you enjoy today's show please give this a thumbs up and subscribe for future content.

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In today’s episode I chat with MA Legal Principal Bec Cohrssen. The conversation covers everything from her career as a family lawyer, to what keeps relationships together, setting and achieving your goals and how parenthood has impacted her life.


As a family lawyer, Bec has witnessed her share of relationship breakdowns that entail “everything that love songs are written about” and understands the importance of healthy communication to keep a relationship alive. We discuss what she has learned  seeing divorce first hand and how she helps people get what they want and get back on their feet.


Bec discusses her career progression from first year lawyer up to being a Principal managing her own family law practice at MA Legal. She is no stranger to adversity and talks about how she was able to push her comfort zone to be successful in her career.


Finally we discuss how she balances staying career focused while also being a mother to her young daughter.


Today’s episode is full of great insight so I hope you all enjoy.


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In today's episode I talk about what it means to retrain your brain. Most of us walk around and let our past and pre-conceptions about life make decisions for us. So I pose the question to you, who is running your life, you or your past?


Having recently completed the Landmark Forum, I have been left with a new view and outlook on life. I summarise the most important lessons that I have gained from the Landmark Forum and talk about it using examples from life that we all come across.


The idea of retraining your brain ultimately comes down to understanding that you can choose what meaning you assign to anything in life. If somebody says or does something to you, you can choose how to react and the emotions that you feel. 


Once you come to realise that you create and assign meaning to everything in your life, then you have the power to be free. Once you are free then you are left with space to create any possibility in your life that you want.


So let go of your past, let go of your limiting beliefs and walk into your best life. 2020 is going to be an amazing year everybody.


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Today’s show our guest is Kawa Kurdi director of the charity called the Rizgari Foundation. Kawa speaks about why he started the charity. He also educates me on the history of the Kurdish people, the oppression that they have faced and continue to face as a minority group within the Middle East.


Following the Turkish invasion of Rojava a primarily Kurdish populated region in northeast Syria, thousands of Kurdish families have been displaced and placed into refugee camps. Unfortunately, these camps are severely underfunded and are unable to provide the people with sufficient food, water, shelter and education in order to end the poverty cycle. 


Kawa has decided to start this chartiy to both raise awareness to these issues and to help provide support to the families living within these refugee camps.


Throughout the conversation I was educated as to the struggles and suffering that the Kurdish people have been subjected to and still are to this day.


If you want to support the Rizgari Foundation then head on over to their facebook page or checkout their website, both are linked below:

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