July 17, 2019

Episode #9 - Tony Doherty - “Live everyday like it’s your last”

Today’s guest is Tony Doherty, owner of Doherty’s gym, promoter of the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding show in Australia, public speaker and public figure in the world of pro bodybuilding.


Tony fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and soon realised he wanted to be a gym owner. Today Tony is so much more then just a gym owner and now every year goes and travels the world with Arnold as he assists with hosting and Mcing the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding shows all across the globe.


Tony had to learn through life by overcoming struggle in order to get to where he is now. We spend the first portion of the interview talking about his beginnings. We then transition into talking about the world today and Tony offers up some nuggets of wisdom so pay attention!


Below is an extract of Tony’s advice to his younger self as referenced at the end of the show.


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Tony’s advice to his younger self -


“Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok


Don’t listen to people that don’t understand your chosen direction. Most of these people will be stuck where they are and will live with regret. Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether it is a best lift, a job, a relationship or a dream. Failure teaches us what we need to push forward.


Success is failure turned inside out.


Dream bigger. Because if you dream small, that is what you will get.


Don’t rely on anyone else for your happiness or self  worth. People and circumstances change.


Keep seeing the good in people, it will always outweigh the bad.


Don’t ever do anything to prove someone wrong. Do it all to prove yourself right.


Train yourself to sleep less and live more. Life is short, don’t waste a moment.


Be genuinely curious, make friends wherever your travel.


Have many layers. Reveal your layers slowly, only as you learn to trust people.


Never hesitate to help others and share your knowledge. This cannot be quantified but always comes back ten fold.


Realise that everything happens for a reason. Strive to be happy, life is an amazing ride.


Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok.”

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