In today’s episode I chat with MA Legal Principal Bec Cohrssen. The conversation covers everything from her career as a family lawyer, to what keeps relationships together, setting and achieving your goals and how parenthood has impacted her life.


As a family lawyer, Bec has witnessed her share of relationship breakdowns that entail “everything that love songs are written about” and understands the importance of healthy communication to keep a relationship alive. We discuss what she has learned  seeing divorce first hand and how she helps people get what they want and get back on their feet.


Bec discusses her career progression from first year lawyer up to being a Principal managing her own family law practice at MA Legal. She is no stranger to adversity and talks about how she was able to push her comfort zone to be successful in her career.


Finally we discuss how she balances staying career focused while also being a mother to her young daughter.


Today’s episode is full of great insight so I hope you all enjoy.


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In today's episode I talk about what it means to retrain your brain. Most of us walk around and let our past and pre-conceptions about life make decisions for us. So I pose the question to you, who is running your life, you or your past?


Having recently completed the Landmark Forum, I have been left with a new view and outlook on life. I summarise the most important lessons that I have gained from the Landmark Forum and talk about it using examples from life that we all come across.


The idea of retraining your brain ultimately comes down to understanding that you can choose what meaning you assign to anything in life. If somebody says or does something to you, you can choose how to react and the emotions that you feel. 


Once you come to realise that you create and assign meaning to everything in your life, then you have the power to be free. Once you are free then you are left with space to create any possibility in your life that you want.


So let go of your past, let go of your limiting beliefs and walk into your best life. 2020 is going to be an amazing year everybody.


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Today’s show our guest is Kawa Kurdi director of the charity called the Rizgari Foundation. Kawa speaks about why he started the charity. He also educates me on the history of the Kurdish people, the oppression that they have faced and continue to face as a minority group within the Middle East.


Following the Turkish invasion of Rojava a primarily Kurdish populated region in northeast Syria, thousands of Kurdish families have been displaced and placed into refugee camps. Unfortunately, these camps are severely underfunded and are unable to provide the people with sufficient food, water, shelter and education in order to end the poverty cycle. 


Kawa has decided to start this chartiy to both raise awareness to these issues and to help provide support to the families living within these refugee camps.


Throughout the conversation I was educated as to the struggles and suffering that the Kurdish people have been subjected to and still are to this day.


If you want to support the Rizgari Foundation then head on over to their facebook page or checkout their website, both are linked below:

December 12, 2019

Episode #17 Ant Utama - Brave

Hello everybody and welcome to Running from Comfort Episode, 17 'Brave' featuring Anthony Utama.

Anthony left his cushy cozy job in marketing in New Zealand on a whim to join his girlfriend in Germany and pursue his love for music and do it as a full time career. Anthony began hustling, performing on the streets, creating gig opportunities and put himself out there in order to sustain himself to be able to live and survive as a musician full time.

Ant recently released his first single 'Brave' to not just tell his story but to tell the story of anyone who makes the decision to get outside their comfort zone and pursue their dreams without fear of failure holding them back.

Anthony shares his story today and talks about the fears he had to overcome in order to go pursue music full time. We also chat about what the transition was like for him to go pursue his love for music full time. We also discuss what it's like to not listen to other's opinions including those of his loving parents in order to make his dreams a reality.

I encourage you all to go check out Anthony and his music using the links below: 

Check out his first single Brave here: 

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Hey everybody, today's episode is all about forgiveness and the power that it holds. I have spent the past month reflecting deeply about my life and feel I am beginning to understand the signifigance of forgiveness. In this talk I explain my thoughts and beliefs on forgiveness. The first half of this video explains it from a perspective of how we need to forgive people in order to let go of the hurt that we experience in this life. The second half I tie this into how God forgives us and that if we seek his forgiveness he can and will fill the void in our lives and help heal us from our own pain and suffering. Even if you don't believe in God I encourage you, watch the first half and if you want, stick around for the second half. Anyways I hope you enjoy this episode of the show and if you do, please give it a rating and and review and don't forget to like and subscribe and to share this with somebody else who may need to hear this message. If anybody has any questions or wants to connect with me, drop a comment, or hit me up on my instagram with a DM @galloways_take and @running_from_comfort. Enjoy your days everybody be blessed.

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of Running from Comfort. Today's show our guests are Carlos and Chad the minds behind the sales team at Soleria. Soleria is a sales company that specialises in solar installations.

Carlos and Chad are two guys who you may say are disciples of Grant Cardone, applying his 10x principles into their business and lives. These two lads have an awesome story to share talking about what they have been through in life to get to where they are now. 

The interesting thing about sales is that the principles and mindset needed to be successful in sales, apply to all of our goals that we set ourselves in our daily lives. Today's episode is full of "Value Bombs" from the boys so sit back, relax and enjoy today's episode with Carlos and Chad and I hope you get a lot out of it.

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Today's show our guest is Robbie Bell. Robbie founded City Larder a wholesale supplier of traditional French-style charcuterie. He also runs his own podcast called 'Cooking the Books' where he interviews some of Australia and the world's most prominent chefs and food industry professionals.


In today's show we talk about Robbie's story and how he was able to build his business from the ground up with 0 capital and not a whole lot of  experience. Robbie's game plan getting into business was to just get started and figure out what he needed to as he progressed along.

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Finally do not forget to check out City Larder and Robbie's podcast 'Cooking the Books' the link is below.

Welcome to episode 13 of the show. In today's episode our guest is Rex Afrasiabi, director of MA Legal, the law firm which gave me my first taste of the legal industry. In today's episode I talk to Rex about his career and try to unpack the mindset that he has used to see the success that he has had in his career thus far.


I encourage you all to pay attention to what Rex has to say in terms of finding success and especially when he talks about taking on risks in the world of business. Even if you are not a business owner or do not intend to be, this advice really does apply to life if you frame it within the context of what you may be doing in your day to day life.


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Welcome to Episode #12 and I will give you all a good warning now, this episode is essentially a rant.

I go hard as to why I believe we need to stop feeding FOMO and start fighting it with perspective and positivity.

I also wrap up my trip in the Philippines and share some footage from there to offer some perspective from another side of the world.

The message of today's show that I am trying to get across is really to help us understand just how blessed we are over here, and how we may be able to tackle some of our mental health issues that we can overcome.

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Welcome to Episode #11 of Running from Comfort and the second edition of the Solo show. In today's episode I discuss the topics about whether social media is exposing us, how to overcome your insecurities and why you should take steps to conquer your fear of rejection.


I attended an event this week where entrepreneur superstar Gary Vaynerchuk was the headlining speaker. During the event he held a Q & A and I asked him a question which features in this episode. His response to my question I thought was quite profound so I decided to spend this weeks episode of the podcast discussing this in greater detail.


In discussing the topic of whether or not social media is exposing us I then transition into talking about overcoming insecurities and conquering your fear of rejection. These are two things that I have struggled with in my own personal life but I have seen massive change in my own life as I attempt to beat them.


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