December 12, 2019

Episode #17 Ant Utama - Brave

Hello everybody and welcome to Running from Comfort Episode, 17 'Brave' featuring Anthony Utama.

Anthony left his cushy cozy job in marketing in New Zealand on a whim to join his girlfriend in Germany and pursue his love for music and do it as a full time career. Anthony began hustling, performing on the streets, creating gig opportunities and put himself out there in order to sustain himself to be able to live and survive as a musician full time.

Ant recently released his first single 'Brave' to not just tell his story but to tell the story of anyone who makes the decision to get outside their comfort zone and pursue their dreams without fear of failure holding them back.

Anthony shares his story today and talks about the fears he had to overcome in order to go pursue music full time. We also chat about what the transition was like for him to go pursue his love for music full time. We also discuss what it's like to not listen to other's opinions including those of his loving parents in order to make his dreams a reality.

I encourage you all to go check out Anthony and his music using the links below: 

Check out his first single Brave here: 

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Hey everybody, today's episode is all about forgiveness and the power that it holds. I have spent the past month reflecting deeply about my life and feel I am beginning to understand the signifigance of forgiveness. In this talk I explain my thoughts and beliefs on forgiveness. The first half of this video explains it from a perspective of how we need to forgive people in order to let go of the hurt that we experience in this life. The second half I tie this into how God forgives us and that if we seek his forgiveness he can and will fill the void in our lives and help heal us from our own pain and suffering. Even if you don't believe in God I encourage you, watch the first half and if you want, stick around for the second half. Anyways I hope you enjoy this episode of the show and if you do, please give it a rating and and review and don't forget to like and subscribe and to share this with somebody else who may need to hear this message. If anybody has any questions or wants to connect with me, drop a comment, or hit me up on my instagram with a DM @galloways_take and @running_from_comfort. Enjoy your days everybody be blessed.

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of Running from Comfort. Today's show our guests are Carlos and Chad the minds behind the sales team at Soleria. Soleria is a sales company that specialises in solar installations.

Carlos and Chad are two guys who you may say are disciples of Grant Cardone, applying his 10x principles into their business and lives. These two lads have an awesome story to share talking about what they have been through in life to get to where they are now. 

The interesting thing about sales is that the principles and mindset needed to be successful in sales, apply to all of our goals that we set ourselves in our daily lives. Today's episode is full of "Value Bombs" from the boys so sit back, relax and enjoy today's episode with Carlos and Chad and I hope you get a lot out of it.

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Today's show our guest is Robbie Bell. Robbie founded City Larder a wholesale supplier of traditional French-style charcuterie. He also runs his own podcast called 'Cooking the Books' where he interviews some of Australia and the world's most prominent chefs and food industry professionals.


In today's show we talk about Robbie's story and how he was able to build his business from the ground up with 0 capital and not a whole lot of  experience. Robbie's game plan getting into business was to just get started and figure out what he needed to as he progressed along.

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Welcome to episode 13 of the show. In today's episode our guest is Rex Afrasiabi, director of MA Legal, the law firm which gave me my first taste of the legal industry. In today's episode I talk to Rex about his career and try to unpack the mindset that he has used to see the success that he has had in his career thus far.


I encourage you all to pay attention to what Rex has to say in terms of finding success and especially when he talks about taking on risks in the world of business. Even if you are not a business owner or do not intend to be, this advice really does apply to life if you frame it within the context of what you may be doing in your day to day life.


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Welcome to Episode #12 and I will give you all a good warning now, this episode is essentially a rant.

I go hard as to why I believe we need to stop feeding FOMO and start fighting it with perspective and positivity.

I also wrap up my trip in the Philippines and share some footage from there to offer some perspective from another side of the world.

The message of today's show that I am trying to get across is really to help us understand just how blessed we are over here, and how we may be able to tackle some of our mental health issues that we can overcome.

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Welcome to Episode #11 of Running from Comfort and the second edition of the Solo show. In today's episode I discuss the topics about whether social media is exposing us, how to overcome your insecurities and why you should take steps to conquer your fear of rejection.


I attended an event this week where entrepreneur superstar Gary Vaynerchuk was the headlining speaker. During the event he held a Q & A and I asked him a question which features in this episode. His response to my question I thought was quite profound so I decided to spend this weeks episode of the podcast discussing this in greater detail.


In discussing the topic of whether or not social media is exposing us I then transition into talking about overcoming insecurities and conquering your fear of rejection. These are two things that I have struggled with in my own personal life but I have seen massive change in my own life as I attempt to beat them.


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Today's show our guest is Rugare Gomo. High Performance Coach, Lawyer, philanthropist, Rugare has a lot of titles but he is not defined by any single one as he will tell you himself, he is "Free".


Rugare's life story is an incredible one and he shares about it in today's show. Coming to Australia from Zimbabwe at the age of 16, Rugare has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where he is now in life. His story includes battling his own limiting beliefs, learning how to be comfortable in his own skin, embracing his vulnerability and now becoming a voice for those who do not have equal opportunity in the world.


Rugare is the founder of the GOMO foundation that supports young African women to get an education and have access to the same opportunities Rugare had when he was growing up. you can support the GOMO foundation by using the link here:


There is a lot to learn from Rugare and his story so pay attention because you too can put aside your limiting beliefs and unlock your fullest potential.


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Today’s guest is Tony Doherty, owner of Doherty’s gym, promoter of the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding show in Australia, public speaker and public figure in the world of pro bodybuilding.


Tony fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and soon realised he wanted to be a gym owner. Today Tony is so much more then just a gym owner and now every year goes and travels the world with Arnold as he assists with hosting and Mcing the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding shows all across the globe.


Tony had to learn through life by overcoming struggle in order to get to where he is now. We spend the first portion of the interview talking about his beginnings. We then transition into talking about the world today and Tony offers up some nuggets of wisdom so pay attention!


Below is an extract of Tony’s advice to his younger self as referenced at the end of the show.


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Tony’s advice to his younger self -


“Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok


Don’t listen to people that don’t understand your chosen direction. Most of these people will be stuck where they are and will live with regret. Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether it is a best lift, a job, a relationship or a dream. Failure teaches us what we need to push forward.


Success is failure turned inside out.


Dream bigger. Because if you dream small, that is what you will get.


Don’t rely on anyone else for your happiness or self  worth. People and circumstances change.


Keep seeing the good in people, it will always outweigh the bad.


Don’t ever do anything to prove someone wrong. Do it all to prove yourself right.


Train yourself to sleep less and live more. Life is short, don’t waste a moment.


Be genuinely curious, make friends wherever your travel.


Have many layers. Reveal your layers slowly, only as you learn to trust people.


Never hesitate to help others and share your knowledge. This cannot be quantified but always comes back ten fold.


Realise that everything happens for a reason. Strive to be happy, life is an amazing ride.


Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok.”

Welcome to today's show. Our guest is Josh aka The Pancake God on instagram @thepancakegod. Josh has recently completed an incredible feat of posting pancakes every single day to his instagram page for 1000 days straight. At the time of uploading this thepancakegod isntagram boasts 55k followers and is growing at a rapid rate. 


Josh is aspiring to turn his love for pancakes and his instagram influence into his own business and sells his own pancake mix. You can check that out on his website the link is here.


We talk pancakes, growing his instagram page, the importance of consistency, not giving in to the haters and also share about our own personal development stories.


We also go off topic and talk about books that we have read and enjoyed as well as dive into some abstract topics such as the Matrix and answer the big question, do we live in a simulation? I hope you enjoy this one as I had a lot of fun talking with Josh.

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