Welcome to Episode #11 of Running from Comfort and the second edition of the Solo show. In today's episode I discuss the topics about whether social media is exposing us, how to overcome your insecurities and why you should take steps to conquer your fear of rejection.


I attended an event this week where entrepreneur superstar Gary Vaynerchuk was the headlining speaker. During the event he held a Q & A and I asked him a question which features in this episode. His response to my question I thought was quite profound so I decided to spend this weeks episode of the podcast discussing this in greater detail.


In discussing the topic of whether or not social media is exposing us I then transition into talking about overcoming insecurities and conquering your fear of rejection. These are two things that I have struggled with in my own personal life but I have seen massive change in my own life as I attempt to beat them.


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Today's show our guest is Rugare Gomo. High Performance Coach, Lawyer, philanthropist, Rugare has a lot of titles but he is not defined by any single one as he will tell you himself, he is "Free".


Rugare's life story is an incredible one and he shares about it in today's show. Coming to Australia from Zimbabwe at the age of 16, Rugare has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where he is now in life. His story includes battling his own limiting beliefs, learning how to be comfortable in his own skin, embracing his vulnerability and now becoming a voice for those who do not have equal opportunity in the world.


Rugare is the founder of the GOMO foundation that supports young African women to get an education and have access to the same opportunities Rugare had when he was growing up. you can support the GOMO foundation by using the link here: http://www.gomofoundation.org.au/


There is a lot to learn from Rugare and his story so pay attention because you too can put aside your limiting beliefs and unlock your fullest potential.


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Today’s guest is Tony Doherty, owner of Doherty’s gym, promoter of the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding show in Australia, public speaker and public figure in the world of pro bodybuilding.


Tony fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and soon realised he wanted to be a gym owner. Today Tony is so much more then just a gym owner and now every year goes and travels the world with Arnold as he assists with hosting and Mcing the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding shows all across the globe.


Tony had to learn through life by overcoming struggle in order to get to where he is now. We spend the first portion of the interview talking about his beginnings. We then transition into talking about the world today and Tony offers up some nuggets of wisdom so pay attention!


Below is an extract of Tony’s advice to his younger self as referenced at the end of the show.


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Tony’s advice to his younger self -


“Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok


Don’t listen to people that don’t understand your chosen direction. Most of these people will be stuck where they are and will live with regret. Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether it is a best lift, a job, a relationship or a dream. Failure teaches us what we need to push forward.


Success is failure turned inside out.


Dream bigger. Because if you dream small, that is what you will get.


Don’t rely on anyone else for your happiness or self  worth. People and circumstances change.


Keep seeing the good in people, it will always outweigh the bad.


Don’t ever do anything to prove someone wrong. Do it all to prove yourself right.


Train yourself to sleep less and live more. Life is short, don’t waste a moment.


Be genuinely curious, make friends wherever your travel.


Have many layers. Reveal your layers slowly, only as you learn to trust people.


Never hesitate to help others and share your knowledge. This cannot be quantified but always comes back ten fold.


Realise that everything happens for a reason. Strive to be happy, life is an amazing ride.


Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok.”

Welcome to today's show. Our guest is Josh aka The Pancake God on instagram @thepancakegod. Josh has recently completed an incredible feat of posting pancakes every single day to his instagram page for 1000 days straight. At the time of uploading this thepancakegod isntagram boasts 55k followers and is growing at a rapid rate. 


Josh is aspiring to turn his love for pancakes and his instagram influence into his own business and sells his own pancake mix. You can check that out on his website the link is here. https://pancakegod.com/


We talk pancakes, growing his instagram page, the importance of consistency, not giving in to the haters and also share about our own personal development stories.


We also go off topic and talk about books that we have read and enjoyed as well as dive into some abstract topics such as the Matrix and answer the big question, do we live in a simulation? I hope you enjoy this one as I had a lot of fun talking with Josh.

Today's show is the first installment of the Solo Show. Running from Comfort is now a weekly show 1 week I will be uploading interviews as per usual but breaking it up with solo episodes like this in the off weeks.


This episode I talk about the importance finding passion and purpose and why we need to chase our goals. I talk about exploring yourself to discover your potential.

Welcome to today's show our guest is Logan Sneed founder of Fusion Lean. He runs two coaching businesses, is a public figure in the world of keto and to top it all off he has just finished authoring his first book coming out later this year that is being published by the same team behind David Goggins best selling book 'Cant Hurt Me'. Oh and did I mention Logan is only 22 years old? There's something else you may have guessed about Logan's life if you have read the title of the show and that is he is a cancer survivor. Logan thanks his cancer for giving him the perspective and the opportunity to go out there and make the most of every single day so that he can achieve his goals and dreams while also encouraging others to do the same. So sit back, relax and enjoy today's show.

Hey guys, today's show we had Logan Delgado, better known as 'Goodybeats', Youtube vlogger, instagram influencer, keto bodybuilder  "but first and foremost a proud father, husband and son." Logan is a full time content creator and through years of grinding Youtube and social media has created his dream life. Goody is always producing content providing useful keto tips and promoting positivity, constantly reminding his audience that, "you woke up today so you are winning". We talk about his journey in youtube, his positive mindset and talk about some of the 'darker' parts of Goody's life. So are you ready? I don't think you are!

Today's Guest is Angad Kandhari. Born in India in a time when terrorism was at it's peak, his family had to leave behind their wealth and seek refuge within their own country. Growing up Angad had a very difficult time being the poor kid growing up amongst children from wealthier parents who had more. Angad decided that he was going to go out, work hard and make a life and a living for himself. He founded his first business at 15 years old, he now lives in Australia where he is a founder of his own business and is studying his Masters and speaks 9 languages fluently. 

Hey guys and welcome to my show 'Running from Comfort'. This episode is an introduction to the show where I explain what my show is about, why I am making the show and what you can expect from future content. I also explain my mission statement and explain why I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and create this show. I hope you all enjoy and if you do be sure to subscribe. 

In today's show I chat with Chris Dalton a Tasmanian man who decided to run 200km from Launceston to Hobart to raise money and awareness for the cause Bears of Hope. We discuss in today's show his run, the mindset he adopted to complete the run and discuss some of the challenges he had to endure to overcome his mind and complete this epic 200km feat. To donate to Chris' run and Bears of Hope you can do so by clicking the following link: https://thebigchallenge.gofundraise.com.au/page/ChrisDalton2?fbclid=IwAR3r4Nk8JVgxWEhRNgxlj0fJzEzKkso2Z87JE3i9uyz81Clma2DnyHryLjk

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