June 26, 2019

Episode #8 - Josh the Pancakegod

Welcome to today's show. Our guest is Josh aka The Pancake God on instagram @thepancakegod. Josh has recently completed an incredible feat of posting pancakes every single day to his instagram page for 1000 days straight. At the time of uploading this thepancakegod isntagram boasts 55k followers and is growing at a rapid rate. 


Josh is aspiring to turn his love for pancakes and his instagram influence into his own business and sells his own pancake mix. You can check that out on his website the link is here. https://pancakegod.com/


We talk pancakes, growing his instagram page, the importance of consistency, not giving in to the haters and also share about our own personal development stories.


We also go off topic and talk about books that we have read and enjoyed as well as dive into some abstract topics such as the Matrix and answer the big question, do we live in a simulation? I hope you enjoy this one as I had a lot of fun talking with Josh.

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