April 27, 2020

Episode #22 Finding Faith and Becoming Your Best Self ft Jesse Barnard

Describing himself as a human guinea pig, Jesse has dabbled into martial arts, philosophy, religion and techniques such as the Wim Hof method and cold showers in order to get out of his comfort zone and develop a strong mindset.

We go deep on this conversation as we talk about how Jesse has explored everything under the sun in order to develop a growth mindset.

We spend the second half of the discussion really diving deep into our own personal beliefs and explore the idea of having faith in Jesus which is something we both share.

We then get to talking about topical issues such as the importance of living a spiritually fulfilled life and not a material life.

This is one of those discussions that talks about all things important that you won't hear in the mainstream media or entertainment. I really enjoyed having this converation and we will definitely be getting Jesse back on some point soon to go even deeper into some of these topics.

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