January 22, 2020

Episode #19 Retrain Your Brain

In today's episode I talk about what it means to retrain your brain. Most of us walk around and let our past and pre-conceptions about life make decisions for us. So I pose the question to you, who is running your life, you or your past?


Having recently completed the Landmark Forum, I have been left with a new view and outlook on life. I summarise the most important lessons that I have gained from the Landmark Forum and talk about it using examples from life that we all come across.


The idea of retraining your brain ultimately comes down to understanding that you can choose what meaning you assign to anything in life. If somebody says or does something to you, you can choose how to react and the emotions that you feel. 


Once you come to realise that you create and assign meaning to everything in your life, then you have the power to be free. Once you are free then you are left with space to create any possibility in your life that you want.


So let go of your past, let go of your limiting beliefs and walk into your best life. 2020 is going to be an amazing year everybody.


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