August 14, 2019

Episode #11 - Social Media is Exposing Us Ft Gary Vee

Welcome to Episode #11 of Running from Comfort and the second edition of the Solo show. In today's episode I discuss the topics about whether social media is exposing us, how to overcome your insecurities and why you should take steps to conquer your fear of rejection.


I attended an event this week where entrepreneur superstar Gary Vaynerchuk was the headlining speaker. During the event he held a Q & A and I asked him a question which features in this episode. His response to my question I thought was quite profound so I decided to spend this weeks episode of the podcast discussing this in greater detail.


In discussing the topic of whether or not social media is exposing us I then transition into talking about overcoming insecurities and conquering your fear of rejection. These are two things that I have struggled with in my own personal life but I have seen massive change in my own life as I attempt to beat them.


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